Why posting newspaper ads online helps boost your real estate business

By on December 26th, 2018 in Ads
Online newspaper ads

Manoeuvring the advertising landscape today to help market your real estate services requires an understanding of both traditional media and new digital platforms. Combining both by posting newspaper ads online is a strategy that moves your traditional print ads onto a new digital platform to maximize exposure.

You may be asking yourself, “Why advertise with a newspaper; isn’t print dead?” News of the death of print has been, to paraphrase Mark Twain, greatly exaggerated. In fact, according to recent studies, Canada’s daily newspaper circulation (paid and free) stood at 5.2 million copies, and three-quarters of Canadians in non-urban centres still read a community newspaper. Clearly, people still view newspapers as credible sources of information in both urban and rural areas.

For a real estate agent used to print advertising only, considering an online newspaper ad booking is a bold new step to morphing some of your marketing budget onto digital platforms. Newspapers are finally doing a great job at driving subscribers to their digital publications and increasing online readership, so advertising there is a great way to build awareness of your real estate services and keep your name top of mind with potential customers.

The process to book newspaper ads online is easy. In fact, Agent8 offers a simple online newspaper ad ordering system that can instantly help you book a newspaper ad online in any of Metroland Media’s 80 award-winning publications. Adding this digital platform to your marketing mix helps get your name out where people are searching for credible information of all kinds. Putting your real estate listings and information about your service in newspaper ads online is just another step in converting their online newspaper readers into your customers.

There’s no question that marketing your real estate service is becoming more difficult. Relying solely on one medium is far too narrow an approach, and trying to advertise in every newly established platform is far too expensive. However, posting newspaper ads online should definitely be one of the strategies you employ in your overall marketing mix. You’ll still have to do some research to determine which online newspaper platform can deliver the highest ROI. Most online newspaper publishers can provide accurate readership and demographic information that you can use to develop your online marketing plan.

When it comes to the content you put in those newspaper ads online, the same strategy you use in your print ads can work. You want to make your advertising compelling and interesting to the reader, incorporating great visuals and well-written content to capture the imagination of your readers. Online visitors don’t tend to like long content pieces, so make sure you’re developing great ads for your online newspaper ad strategy. Good luck.

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