5 Digital Marketing Must Haves for Real Estate Agents

Digital marketing for real estate agents is becoming non-negotiable when it comes to staying ahead in the market. Start your strategy with these five foundational elements:

A Website

It may seem like a given, but crafting a simple, accessible and user-friendly website should be the root of your digital marketing strategy for your real estate brand. The need to have it easy to navigate is crucial for making sure you have the best real estate websites for lead generation and for ensuring that the people that visit your site actually convert to potential customers who seek your services.

Your Own Blog

An important component of your website and one of several great real estate agent marketing ideas is to create your own blog. Use this as a place to post relevant and timely content, offering your site as a resource for your audience which can serve both as a way to build your authority and to foster their trust in you and your business. This is another important element of your digital marketing strategy when it comes to generating leads for your real estate business.

A Target Audience

Not only do you need to create a website and blog, but you need to target them towards a selected audience. Before you begin crafting your digital campaign put some thought into who you want it to reach and what the best way is to reach those people. You will never have business success if your information is ending up in the hands of the wrong people.

Social Media Engagement

It is not enough to have a website with a blog that is regularly updated. In fact, in many cases, for certain demographics, this will not be the part of your digital marketing strategy for real estate that influences your business success at all. Instead, it will be your presence and engagement on social media.

Mobile Options

Keep in mind that a large portion of the audience you are targeting as part of your digital marketing strategy for real estate will be accessing the information via mobile devices. Many of your potential clients will find you on their phone and you need to account for this when you create your website and blog. Be sure each one is mobile friendly, that you make use of a mobile-compatible interface, and that direct contact to your real estate company is easily executed between mobile site and device.

If you are new to the idea of having to use digital marketing for your real estate agents or your real estate company, use these five must-haves as a good launching point towards your success. In the process, reach out to Agent8 to get help in simplifying your marketing, learning about where you can improve and finding out the best ways to create the ideal platform for your target market.

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How to Create a Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategy

The presence of digital marketing is too great to be ignored, no matter what your industry. And real estate is no exception. It is no longer enough to put signs out in front of houses, advertise using images of homes in your office window and answer the phone for enquiries. The only way to success in your business is to adopt a real estate digital marketing strategy. Here’s how:

Define Your Target Customer

Start your strategy by deciding who you want to target: who do you want to have see your content and become your customer? Who do you hope to reach with your real estate digital marketing strategy? Who is the person or the demographic who is most likely to buy what you are offering? Create the ideal buyer persona and then use this to guide you in the next steps of your digital marketing plan.

Build Your Strategy

With the persona in mind, you can now build a strategy that allows you to reach the ideal customer, while simultaneously offering you what you need to build an online business profile that is reputable and respected.

Create the Right Content

“Create the content and they will come,” is not a productive real estate digital marketing strategy. You have to put some time into researching the content that your target audience wants, learn how to access them to get it in their sights, and then consistently create the right content that they will read an engage in. This means quality content that is of value to your reader, with the ability for the reader to immediately act on what you are saying or walk away from it with new insights and intellect.

Foster a Community

The customer that you are targeting and who you work to create content for, with time, becomes a member of your community. Work on building up a community of people who come to your site and seek your services consistently. These loyal viewers will share your content, as well as use the ever-powerful word of mouth strategy, which will help get you more well-known and work to grow your real estate online marketing exposure for your business.

Nurture Relationships

Because relationships, which are created through authority and build up trust, ultimately end in leads – which are the only thing standing between you and a new client.

Creating digital marketing for real estate is a strategy that is effective and targets your ideal audience can be challenging to bring to fruition, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience in the field. With use of these suggestions however, combined with the resources you can find at Agent8, you’ll be well on your way to success. Join the Agent8 community today and get ready to take your real estate business to the next level.

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