How to Develop Buyer Personas That Will Fit Your Property Listings?

By on November 16th, 2018 in Marketing
Buyer Persona

Any experienced real estate agent knows that buyer personas (also commonly referred to as customer personas) are useful tools for selling homes. Simply put, customer personas are a way of classifying or segmenting buyers. A real estate agent does so by analyzing the demographics, wants, needs and motivations of past and present customers. By creating buyer personas, a real estate agent is able to connect with customers on a deeper level and can cater their service specifically for the customer’s needs. However, before a real estate agent can put their realtor marketing plan into action, they need to know how to develop the personas.

Contact Past Customers

The first step that a real estate agent should take when developing their realtor marketing plan is to contact past customers. Choose five to ten of your most recent customers and make sure that these customers are a mix of people you have closed and not closed. This variety will help the real estate agent obtain objective feedback. Also, be sure to contact customers with whom you are in good standing or who are interested in unique real estate marketing ideas. This will ensure that they give honest, objective information.

Pick Personalities for Each Persona

When creating buyer persona, a real estate agent needs to pick personalities for their potential customers. Aim to create three to five different personality types as this will ensure that the real estate agent doesn’t become overwhelmed with information. To create these personalities, examine the wants and needs of past customers. A real estate agent who is commonly serving older buyers who are looking to downsize may want to create a personality called “Downsizing Debbie”. If a real estate agent regularly serves first time home buyers, they may want to create a personality called “First Home Frank”. Feel free to have fun with the names, however, be sure to make each personality as different as possible.

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