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By on October 31st, 2018 in Blogs
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As a new Realtor, writing real estate blogs is probably way down the list of skills you want to master — certainly a few notches below “finalizing sales” and “making money.” However, as someone who recognizes the need to market your services, you are probably aware of the many platforms you can use to ensure you get your name out to potential clients. Blogging is one of the more effective tools in your marketing tool chest.

The best real estate blogs are written by Realtors who understand the immense benefits to be reaped by writing them. Writing blogs can help you develop deeper relationships with potential and existing customers, help drive awareness of your brand and establish your credibility within the industry. They can also help you introduce a much more personal side that is hard to do using traditional outbound marketing techniques. Great blogs also tend to get shared, which helps turn your blog readers into digital brand ambassadors each time they share your real estate blog. Finally, great blogs rich in relevant keywords help feed the voracious digital appetites of search engines, creating new opportunities for you to increase your visibility on search engine results pages as a result of potential queries being made by searchers seeking info on your topics.

There’s no doubt that writing quality content is a skill, and content developers deserve every dollar they get paid. Gone are the days when business websites can be populated with amateurish content full of typos and bad writing; that’s just a poor reflection on the business that owns the site. That said, just because you’re a great Realtor doesn’t mean you’re automatically a great writer, but don’t let that fact intimidate you or keep you from developing your blog. All you really need to write effective blogs as a beginner are a few great real estate blog ideas and a willingness to put pen to paper — or, more accurately, fingers to keyboard.

Developing your blog ideas is easy if you consider all the things that are important to your potential new clients. Consider the frequently asked questions you get as a Realtor, and jot them down. These could easily become new real estate blog topics for first-time real estate bloggers. For example, what are the property trend forecasts for 2019? Is it the right time to sink your money into an investment property? If you’re targeting new immigrants, you could write a blog explaining “Everything you need to know about buying your first home in Canada.” Explaining the service benefits of using a professional Realtor is also a great idea. Once you start exploring the possibilities, the number of blog topics is endless.

Writing in a simple, easy-to-read and conversational style that reflects who you are as a person is a smart idea; you don’t want to write in a highly technical and wordy style if that’s not who you are. Be real and be informative. Readers will continue to seek out your blog if the content is compelling. One final word of advice: let someone read your blog before you publish it to catch any errors.

Good luck, and happy blogging!

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