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Infusionsoft is a leading e-mail marketing and lead management platform designed specifically for small business. They’ve been around in one form or another since 2001 and have over 125,000 customers, making them a safe choice for Realtors looking to take there first foray into the world of automated marketing.

Infusionsoft makes it really easy to create landing pages and downloadable special offers so you can start collecting more e-leads through your website or advertising. In fact, if you’ve downloaded a free e-book or special offer lately, chances are you’ve already seen Infusionsoft at work.

There is a steep learning curve to set-up your account, but once you learn how to use their tool kit, it’s intuitive. Infusionsoft’s support is world-class- but it’s still a significant time investment to learn and manage an automated marketing platform with this kind of marketing power if you’ve never done anything like this before.

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Who Is This Product Right For?

  • Realtors who use a free download or special offer to generate online leads and want to automate an email “drip” for those leads.
  • Realtors who want to create and manage their own landing pages, free downloads and contact forms.


Infusionsoft has a variety of products available at various price points. To learn more about their pricing, click here.

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