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Canva is an uber-popular online graphic design platform that allows anyone (and we mean anyone) to design their own marketing materials for use either in print or online.

With their easy-to-use drag and drop tools, you can quickly design:

  • printed materials
  • graphics for your blog or social streams
  • digital ad copy
  • infographics

Signing up is fast and free and there are lots of tutorials that walk you through their tool kit. They have one-click templates for things like Instagram Posts, Posters, Web Banners, Facebook Covers and Infographics, so even if you have zero graphics training, you can create good looking collateral with Canva (though there is no substitute for good design sense).

Like any tool, it’s garbage in-garbage out, but Canva does so much for you that it’s pretty difficult to come up with something unusable.

Their adoption rate has been eye-popping. Founded in 2012 by 19 year old Melanie Perkins (!), Canva reached 150,000 Users by 2014, which was right around the time that Guy Kawasaki, Google’s one-time Chief Evangelist, joined up and became an investor. Today they have 10M Users and counting!

If you’re active on social media or like to design your own ad copy and marketing materials, Canva is definitely worth signing up for.

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Who Is This Product Right For?

  • An excellent tool for Real Estate Professionals who like to handle their own design work.


Canva has a FREE version you can check out or a $12.95 USD premium version. For more information on pricing, click here.

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